essential gear

The present finds us constantly in motion. Often inundated with notifications from everyone everywhere with few spare moments to meditate on any possibilities of stillness.

There have been so many exciting discoveries regarding the origins of matter, or an earth-like planet 600 light years away, or bacteria that digests toxins and produces gold...

Yet, the same questions still exist. Why are we here? Is there intelligent life on other planets? What is your favorite record? Where are my keys?

To begin our conversation, we would like to introduce ourselves with a dynamic collection of distinctive objects to comfort your ever changing time and space.



This sturdy Leather & Steel Wire Key Clip and Union Made Ceramic Mug make everyday moments extraordinary.

Inside / ouT

Take it outside with our first Artist Print T-Shirt, featuring a piece from Pat Perry's book  "Drawings About Black Holes," printed on the finest quality garments available.

See what you Hear?

The A-frame Record Easel is a perfect way to safely hold and display album artwork while enjoying the entire vinyl listening experience. It's a beautiful addition to any space... made out of powder coated bent steel.